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We offer our clients a wide range of services in various directions. Someone thinks that a professional photographer should be focused on one type of photography, but for my practice I have gained enough experience to feel confident in several different directions.

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Cinematic Video

CCG CLUB WEDDING STUDIO produces high quality, cinematic style wedding & pre-wedding films that will change your perception about wedding videos and make your special day memorable .

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Candid Photography

wedding day is the most important day in the life of the families of both the bride and the groom. It a day high on emotions. But the traditional way of photography of “look here- look there –smile please” takes away the natural charm of it. He

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Pre-Wedding Photography

A Pre-Wedding Shoot is a photo shoot you have with your photographer, usually a few months before your wedding. You do NOT wear your wedding dress, instead you wear clothes and create a shoot that reflects your personality and your relationship toget

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Engagement Photography

Exchanging of rings between bride and groom it is one of the most important pre wedding ceremonies .

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Wedding Photography

Indian marriages are a lavish celebration with all the ‘thaam jhaam’, fun, delicious food and of course, rituals rich with traditions, bringing two individuals and their families together. There are some distinct and fun-filled rituals associat

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Mehndi & Haldi Photography

Mehndi Ceremony is about applying Henna to the bride's / grooms hand and feet. This beautiful event takes place usually in the evening amidst a lot of dancing and music by the family members and friends. This joyous celebration is often sees its comp

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Reception Photography

A wedding reception is a gathering held after the finish of a marriage ceremony. It is held usually as accommodation for those who have served the wedding, hence the title reception: the pair receives society, in the form of relatives and friends, fo

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Baby Photography

Bringing a baby into your family is an amazing and awe-inspiring moment. You know that they change daily in those first few days and then continue to change throughout their life. Capturing those once in a lifetime moments and details are what newbor

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Maternity Photography

Maternity photoshoot captures the anticipation of your biggest life-changing event! Baby bump shoot or baby shower photoshoot is one of the most graceful and intoxicating moments of your life - the beginning of a new chapter with a new life! Preserve

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